6 Factors To Consider in Creating your IT Security Strategy

September 16, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

About 97 percent of applications tested had shown a crack in the virtual wall, making their companies open to online predators. The number of internal and external networks that had been breached or contaminated rose from 18 percent in 2015 to 40 percent in 2016. These studies done by Trustwave show the relentlessness of the digital dangers threatening today’s businesses, as well as the imperative to build a strong, impenetrable defense.

IT Security and Compliance solutions are one such defense. It not only filters out common but multitudinous threats like viruses, malware, and phishing,  but it also mounts counterattacks against the most sophisticated hacking. It protects and organizes data integrity while notifying you of breaches, present and potential, in your wall while recommending how to repair them.

IT Security and Compliance solutions function at optimal if they are implemented under a sound strategy that is aligned with the company’s business objectives. There are six factors you must consider in crafting such a strategy if you want to strengthen your company’s business standing and not just protect it. Read on for more. – Cora Llamas


Business alignment, defense-in-depth and a phased approach are three principles to follow when building out a solid security program.

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